Qabalistic Cross: A Simple Daily Exercise

There are many things you can do regularly to help open yourself to the movement of the Inner Light and spiritual energy. One of the best building blocks that I’ve found is a simple “ritual” called the Qabalistic Cross. It comes to us from the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and served in many of their ceremonies as the first thing a person does and often, the last. You can use this exercise anytime, seated or standing, even lying down. As with many things on Sane Spirituality, we try to boil it down to its pure core and strip out any unnecessary bits of “mumbo jumbo”.

The traditional exercise is done in Hebrew, though most people who do it butcher the Hebrew badly, including me. So, over time, what I found is that it works just as well in English. The Hebrew usage (which I will provide as well) can give a bit more of a dramatic flair and that is an important part of any light working. So, you are free to do it in English or Hebrew, as you prefer. There are also “gestures” that are mentioned in the Golden Dawn instructions, but again, they are not all that critical but can aid in creating an air of mystery and theater.

The Qabalistic Cross in English

Stand up straight, facing east. Alternatively, you can sit in a chair, upright feet flat on the floor and visualize yourself standing and facing east. You can even lay down, flat on your back, feet together and again, visualize yourself standing and facing east.

Feel the Earth beneath your feet. Feel connected to it. Visualize yourself grown larger, taller and rising upwards. You become larger and larger and the Earth beneath your feet smaller and smaller. You see your heat rising up through the clouds and then passing beyond the atmosphere as the Earth shrinks below you. You see the stars of the cosmos all around you. You grow larger and larger until the entire universe is dwarfed by your side and all that is left around you is the darkness of the void. Above you is a single spot of pure white light. As you observe it the dot grows to a sphere and larger as you realize it is descending toward you. Visualize this becomes a large ball of pure white light that radiates warmth and love. Feel it on the top of your head, tingling you as it gently brushes against you. You can feel its radiant heat and its unconditional love lightly stroking the top of your head.

Reach up with your right hand, extending your index and middle fingers to point with and touch them to his sphere. See the light extend to surround your hand in a glowing sphere that is connected to the original sphere by a strand of the pure white light.

Bring your right hand down and touch the tips of your extended fingers to your forehead and say, out loud if you can or in your mind strongly if not, “Thou art“.

Feel a slight electric “shock” as your fingers touch your forehead and feel the pure white light of the universe pour into your body through your forehead. Feel it flowing into you like a warm liquid. Feel it filling your head with a tingling warmth and a passionate love, a lover’s caress.

Breathe deeply into your abdomen and slowly exhale. Continue to breathe in this manner for the duration of the exercise.

Bring your right hand down and as you do visualize the sphere of light still glowing around your hand and now there is a glowing sphere around your head, centered on your forehead.  A strand of light connects this sphere to your hand and as you lower your hand, a shaft of light descends through your body. Watch as it moves down, and pulses at your throat forming a small sphere of light. As your hand continues down the shaft follows it and forms a large sphere of light around your heart in the center of your chest.

As you breathe in deeply, the light flows down from the sphere over your head, through the sphere in your forehead, through the descending shaft, through the small sphere at your throat and pours into the sphere at your heart, making it radiate strongly.

Feel an intense pleasure filling your heart with pure love.

Your hand continues down and the shaft of light extends out of the sphere at your heart and forms a small sphere over your solar plexus between your navel and the sternum.

(Note: the original method has you touch your fingers here. However, I find that in practice, I have received far better results by touching the genitalia. You are free to try both methods and see which works best for you. If you wish to touch the solar plexus, just do the same thing I describe below, but visualize a sphere of light forming around your genitalia as well as  your feet.)

Bring your hand down and extend the shaft of light from your solar plexus and touch your fingertips to your genitals. Say out loud, or in your mind, if you cannot, “the Kingdom“.

Feel another slight electric shock as the light pours into them and creates a glowing sphere of white light around them. You feel the warmth flood into your genitals and an intense pleasure flowing from your heart into them.

Breathe deeply and feel the energy flow down from the top of your head through the shaft of light, hitting each of the spheres before entering into the sphere around your genitals. Feel an upwelling of intense pleasure, that is sexual in nature. You may become aroused and that is fine, embrace it and allow your arousal to fuel the inner light more within you. As you exhale focus on sending this aroused energy back up the shaft of light, back through the spheres and send it out the top of your head into the sphere still floating above you, creating a completed circuit.

Breathe in deeply and draw down the light and energy from that sphere into your head, down the shaft into all spheres and into your grown and feel the pleasure levels rising. Exhale and push it back up all the way.

As you breathe in deeply again as the light fills the sphere around your genitals, it suddenly bursts through the bottom and pours down your legs into your feet, forming a new sphere where the light pools around them. Exhale and the energy flows up from your feet, from the Earth beneath them, up the shaft through all the spheres and to the source above you.

Breathe in again and see the light now erupt out of both the top of your head and the bottoms of your feet as you are filled with a pure beam of light flowing freely through all spheres. The light extends infinitely above and below you, like a universal pillar of white light centered at your heart. Feel the vibration inside as this energy pulsates and throbs, alive and full of power.

Raise your hand and touch your fingers to your right shoulder and say “and the Power“.

As you touch your right shoulder a shaft of light extends from your heart sphere to where you touched and forms a small sphere of light then shoots off to your right as far as you can see.

Move your hand across your body, passing through the glowing heart sphere and touch your fingertips to your left shoulder and say, “and the Glory“.

As you do another shaft of light shoots out from the heart sphere to where you touched and forms another small sphere of light before the light shoots off to your left as far as you can see. You sense that the light to right and left extends infinitely in both directions and you know that somehow through the bending of time and space they connect to form a single ring of light, infinitely wide. You feel the energy pouring through it, circling around the ring.

Your awareness moves to the vertical light and you realize it too is connected forming a vertical ring of infinite size and the radiant energy flows through it as well. Both the vertical and horizontal rings connect and merge in your heart, the center that brings them together as one. You see a glowing cross of light of infinite size centered in your heart.

Raise both of your hands together in the traditional position of prayer, palms together, fingers upright, in front of your heart, in the sphere of light at the junction of the rings of light and say “forever!

Lower your head in reverence and look at your hands. Feel the energy pouring through you. Feel the pleasure rising higher and higher, the intensity growing stronger with each deep inhalation and exhalation.

Say, “Amen“.

This completes the exercise. This is a very detailed description of what you do, but it really only takes a few seconds, a few breaths to complete. In time you may find this a wonderful form of meditation and linger on the steps, basking in the feelings you are receiving and giving back.

The full sentence is: “Thou art the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory, forever, Amen.

This may sound very similar to a Christian prayer and that is not a coincidence. It is, however, based on the names of spheres on the Tree of Life, which we will discuss in detail in other articles. You do not have to understand the details for this to work, but they can really help make it work more powerfully.

You can do this exercise as many times a day as you like. I do it in the morning upon waking and before bed. I do it before any meditation or light working of any type. I also do it when I simply want to relax.

Hebrew Wording

Pardon my horrible transliteration of Hebrew. I have learned this from numerous sources and they all spell things differently.

Atah (thou art)

Malkuth (the kingdom)

ve Geburah (and the Power)

ve Gedulah (and the Glory)

la olahm (forever)


Yours in Light,



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