The Orgasm

I think that most everyone reading this knows, at least superficially, what an orgasm is.  I hope that all of you have experienced them, but I understand that’s not always the case. This article will talk about the orgasm in some detail, and most importantly talk about what it means to us from a spiritual development perspective. Later, we will go into more depth about how we can utilize the orgasm and sexual pleasure to achieve a heightened awareness or consciousness.

You may find it unusual or a bit awkward to discuss a topic like orgasms on a website devoted to spiritual pursuits.  Our cultural backgrounds, religions, and upbringing are usually responsible for our viewing sex as something dirty or sinful. Orgasms, some feel, are the by-product of procreation and they provide no benefit to us, other than making us want to make babies, which is necessary for our species to survive.

Sex and the pleasure of the orgasm are a natural part of our being humans. Not only do they provide intense pleasure, but they can induce trance-like states and altered states of consciousness and have been shown to have numerous other health benefits. At Sane Spirituality, we believe that sexual energy and the pleasures of sex, including the orgasm, are not only natural but an important tool that can be used to achieve a state of enlightenment and open one’s awareness to the Higher Self and the Universal Light.

According to the National Institute of Health, an orgasm “is a variable, transient peak sensation of intense pleasure, creating an altered state of consciousness, …  generally with an induction of well-being and contentment.” Yes, the US Government says that orgasms create an altered state of consciousness! Maybe they aren’t as crazy as we think.

Another publication also discusses the consciousness-altering affects of orgasm. A. Safron in Socioeffective Neuroscience & Psychology says that “Orgasm is one of the most intense pleasures attainable to an organism, yet its underlying mechanisms remain poorly understood. ” The article goes on to describe the orgasm as a form of “sexual trance”.

Orgasms “can be induced by erotic stimulation of a variety of genital and nongenital sites”. Of course, that varies a lot between individuals and among men and women. With men, orgasm is usually achieved through stimulation of the penis and is accompanied by the ejaculation of semen, for the purpose of reproducing. With women, it usually accompanies stimulation of the clitoris, the so-called “g-spot”, or several other erogenous zones. In fact, a recent article from states that research has shown women can achieve 11 different kinds of orgasms! I’m happy to volunteer to do some research on finding out what they all are!

During the orgasm, a hormone called oxytocin is released by the brain and this hormone has many benefits, besides apparently causing us to want to cuddle. Prolactin, another hormone, is also released during orgasm, which also has clear health benefits. lists the following as benefits of the orgasm:

  • Suppress appetite/lose weight
  • Reduce cortisol levels / reduce belly fat
  • Counteract depression
  • Boost testosterone levels in men
  • Improve quality of sleep
  • Improve sense of smell
  • Lower stress
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improve digestion
  • Increase sociability
  • Help in bonding with others

A Huffington Post article also shows that orgasms can also:

  • Alleviate pain
  • Help speed recovery from colds
  • Improve longevity
  • Improve focus and brain working
  • Reduce the appearance of aging

We may have some evidence of the benefits of orgasms and how to achieve them, but according to an article in, “[as] of yet, no definitive explanations for what triggers orgasm have emerged”. In other words, our greatest scientific minds do not even know what actually causes an orgasm. Maybe because they are only looking at the physical, emotional and psychological triggers. Maybe the metaphysical triggers are what really matter. We can see physiological changes that occur in the body before, during and after the orgasm, but not really why it happens.

Achieving orgasm can be a complex matter and is not only physical. There are many other factors that can aid or inhibit someone from reaching orgasm, including attitudes, thoughts, religious beliefs, anxiety, relationship issues, and more. Whatever the conditions, reasons or challenges, when sexual energy rises to a sufficiently high level, orgasm is achieved.

So, why is this relevant to our website? It is really about one of the points I mentioned earlier, that orgasms can create an “altered state of consciousness”. That is one of the primary goals, if not the pre-eminent goal of spiritual development and enlightenment: to achieve an altered state of consciousness. What we have learned is that the altered states achieved by mystics, yogis, witches, and wizards are essentially the same as those induced by orgasms. Furthermore, we find that by studying the ancient systems like tantra and Kabbalah, we see that this sexual aspect is a fundamental part of these approaches. It is a central part of virtually all esoteric teachings from alchemy to ceremonial magick.

During the 1930s, Dr. William Reich, a pioneer of modern psychology and a contemporary of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, was a proponent of the benefits of orgasm. He went so far as to equate sexual energy with the “life force” in all things. He espoused that people should achieve what he called a “potent orgasm”, which was done with the mind clear of thoughts and focusing only on having an orgasm. The only purpose of the person at this time is to fulfill their primal need to orgasm.

Today, many people promote a technique called “Orgasmic Meditation”. This is a very similar technique to that proposed by Dr. Reich. In it, a person or couple meditates and clears the mind of all thoughts, and masturbates (either themselves or their partner) and focuses the mind only on achieving orgasm. This has been shown to lead to deep levels of relaxation and can induce a trance-like state of pure bliss.

Tantra, among other things, teaches techniques to develop extended orgasms and control over the experience to bring about what I call the “orgasm of the soul”, which is far beyond just the physical sensation of pleasure, but an orgasm that operates at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. These are “full body orgasms”, but they somehow trigger a prolonged and profound state of altered consciousness, through which you experience a oneness with the source of all life and energy, which we call the Universal Light.

There are parallels between principles in forms of yoga and the Kabbalah, related to sexual energy, male and female polarity, energy centers, physical and non-physical bodies, and raising the consciousness through sexual pleasure and orgasm. I will attempt to provide a basic outline of the principles and how they work, in generalized terms.

All matter in the Universe is created from energy. This energy is in all things and makes them up, giving them substance. The energy surrounds all things and permeates them fully. This “life-force” naturally flows in our bodies to a certain degree. However, we can draw more of this energy into us and use it to “power up” our physical bodies and the invisible, “subtle body” that is around us. This energy can then be channeled to open our energy centers or chakra. When they are fully activated we can use our sexual energy to greatly increase our sexual pleasure, and raise our awareness and consciousness up through our physical and non-physical bodies, through the physical and non-physical universe to achieve unity with the primordial, undifferentiated source of all energy, and thus all matter, the Universal Light.

This can create a trance-like state or a feeling of euphoria, bliss, and connection to all things and all people, an overwhelming feeling of love. Your entire being seems to be alive and charged with energy, vibrating intensely. During this time, you may receive deeply meaningful insights from your subconscious including “channeled” communication, visions, inspiration and if you are religious you may experience the “presence” of the divine.

This is a very high-level description that leaves out a great amount of detail and background information. I will try to explain more of this as we go along in other articles and in practical things that you can do to experiment and see what you can achieve.

Yours in L ight,



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