Be a Skeptic

I encourage you to have a healthy amount of skepticism when you are dealing with the world of spirituality and unexplained phenomena. Don’t just accept some as true because someone, or many someones, say it is. Even things that may, on the surface seem to be well established “facts” may be grounded on nothing but having been repeated by many people. Don’t blindly follow another’s direction or believe things without verifying them and validating them for yourself.

I write a lot of suggestions and ideas. I provide you with a lot of information, some helpful, some maybe less so. I have some degree of knowledge and experience and I am able to communicate fairly well.

That doesn’t make me right.

That doesn’t make me wrong.

Question things and people, and if you don’t like the answers or how they are given, you should probably dig deeper or move on.

Test things carefully for yourself. I can’t stress this point enough. Try something. Don’t just accept it because you read it on a website or in a book.

Look for the most logical and simplest explanation for things.

If you read a book on a topic, don’t accept just one author’s view. Read several. Research the topic a bit and look for alternative explanations.

In many cases, assume things are not true until you prove that they are. If nobody can find proof or evidence to support a claim,  it becomes extremely difficult to just believe it on faith. That kind of blind belief is in the realm of religion and does very little benefit you spiritually.

We are not here to accept simple brainwashing.

Question everything.

Challenge everything.

Blindly accept nothing.

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