Bandor Tyrell

My name is Bandor Tyrell and I am the founder of Sane Spirituality and the author of most of the articles and content contained within. I have been a seeker of spiritual truth, on the quest for becoming one with my Higher Self, in one way or another, for the past 30 years.  I have studied an eclectic mix of esoteric topics over the years and have been a member of numerous organizations and groups.

I became fascinated with the occult and tales of mysteries and the supernatural as a boy. My mother was a self-proclaimed “witch” with a sizable library, filled with tomes including things like astrology, numerology, ghosts, UFOs, witchcraft, demonic possession, Tibetan Buddhism and human sexuality.

My arrival in this world was a painful time for my mother, as my 13-year old brother died, shortly before my birth. Then, I was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around my neck and was momentarily dead, having to be resuscitated. This left me with a purple birthmark over the majority of my face for the first six months of my life. The two events left my mother with the need to be overly protective of me, which saved my life on more than one occasion.

At age 7, I lived in a  haunted house and regularly saw ghosts and spirits. At age 10, I nearly drowned. The only thing that saved me was the voice of my mother yelling at me as I lost consciousness and sank to the bottom of a lake. She urged me to fight against the growing darkness and to swim. In response, I moved my arm and struck an older boy on the foot. He dove down and grabbed me, pulling me out just as my father drove up to our swimming spot in the family station wagon. He was clutching a hand-drawn map of the location that my mother had scribbled on a napkin when she frantically convinced him that I was drowning and he had to go to me. He was the only person at the vacation home who knew how to do CPR.

Around the age of 10 or 11, I had a classic “near death experience” and it opened me to another level of perception of reality, with the profound knowledge that there is more to life and this universe than we can perceive through our five senses. I have spent the rest of my life trying to learn how to experience the same joyful bliss and union with the Universal Light that I had felt at the bottom of the lake without having to die to do so.

I graduated High School and went to college, earning a degree in Electrical Engineering, with focus on computer technology. I was drawn to religious and spiritual topics, studying Buddhism, Daoism and even exploring the Satanic Church of Anton LeVay briefly. This lead to my first exposure to magick and yoga.

After graduating and working as a software engineer for a few years, I took a sabbatical and moved to Kyoto, Japan where I entered a Buddhist Monastery to study Zen. After four months, I gave up and left Japan, but developed an obsession for the country that led me back again to live and work for several years. I also began my studies of Asian martial arts.

While in Japan, I became exposed to the Kabbalah and Practical Magic. From there, I joined multiple organizations involved in Rosicrucianism, Hermetic Qabalah, Ceremonial Magick, forms of Freemasonry and Gnosticism.

Upon my return to the United States, I founded a school of metaphysical studies that evolved into a temple for a variation of the Golden Dawn system of magick and was initiated over the years into three separate practicing magical organizations. I also became a student of spiritual alchemy and the Chemical Wedding. My interest has led me to a profound understanding of the role of sexual energy and sexual expression in both eastern and western forms of spiritual and magical practices.

On the professional front, over my career, I have held many different roles, at corporations, consulting firms, multiple startups and small companies. My skills include software design, development and architecture, graphics art, 3d modeling, and art production, game design, teaching, and executive management. I am a published author, with numerous books and magazine articles to my credit.

In the past 10 years, my focus has been on the creation of virtual worlds and using the media of virtual reality to explore the hidden mysteries of the universe and the self. During that time, I completed a Masters and Doctorate of Divinity, focused on the truth underlying all religions.

I am not a guru. I am not an expert. I am simply a seeker of the Light, no better than anybody else. What I do have is practical experience with a wide range of phenomenon, religions, spiritual and magical systems. What I have realized is that under all of the trappings of the different systems is one universal “Unified Theory” of spiritual enlightenment. My goal is to help synthesize the various teachings and strip out all of the myth, fantasy, superstition, and extraneous data to arrive at a concise, precise model and set of practices to help achieve a heightened state of awareness, enlightenment, and consciousness.

To become one with the Universal Source of all things and to experience the bliss of communing with our Higher Self and the loving Light of creation and sexual union is our birthright. The differences that separate us as humans are merely window dressing and the nuances of cultural perceptions. The truth is universal and is singular. There are many roads that lead to it, but in the end, there is only one destination.

Let us walk the path together and bring Light to everyone.